2020 Guide to Massachusetts STEM Programs (2023)

Looking to get your child involved in extracurricular and summer STEM activities? Looking for a class, club or summer camp in the greater Boston area?

I am pleased to share my editors' selections for STEM programs for 2020 based on the outstanding organizations that participated in theBoston MINT-Messe 2019. Here you will find a wide range of STEM subjects, including:

Robotics Programming Game Development Engineering Tech Entrepreneurship Science Math Computer Science Global Leadership Astronomy Pre-College and more.

When you look at the STEM activities offered by these organizations, you will see that they offer many program format options. You'll find after-school enrichment programs, clubs and classes, robotics teams, weekend programs, special events, school vacation week programs, and summer camps and classes to name a few.Note that although each organization is categorized under a main focus, some programs offer programs in multiple categories.

2020 Guide to Massachusetts STEM Programs (1)

Computer science, technology, engineering + natural sciences

sidewalk school(Winchester) offers a full-time STEAM-rich curriculum for elementary and middle schools, as well as an after-school enrichment program, February and April vacation camps, and a STEAM summer camp. Acera offers courses in engineering, biotechnology, math, art, theater, design, electronics, music, chemistry, physics and more. The hands-on learning environment allows elementary and middle school children to explore their natural desire to create, innovate, and experiment with content and concepts that are typically reserved for older students — or were not introduced at all during the K-12 school years. Age: 5-17

circuit lab(Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire) conducts hands-on programs to teach children circuits (electrical engineering) and programming (computer science). The programs give children the opportunity to learn fundamental skills of the modern world not typically taught in school, in a creative and supportive environment where they have access to state-of-the-art electronics prototyping equipment. Circuit Lab offers after-school programs, homeschool day groups, week-long summer programs and special events. Grades: K-8

C0deEx(Acton) is a programming academy dedicated to inspiring children in science, technology, engineering, arts and math. A fun, friendly and intuitive approach offers hands-on learning opportunities at camps, courses and birthday parties. Kids looking for more challenges can enter several STEM competitions and challenges. C0deEx holiday and summer camps offer a wide range of STEAM programs. Age: 5-16

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Encode butterfly(Needham) is an after-school programming and robotics education program that aims to provide students with personalized instruction and a hands-on learning experience. Age: 6-14

CS-Rezitationen(Natick) offers computer science courses for children and young people at all levels. CSR is unique in its approach of building computational and logical problem solving in a social and fun environment with small classes. Students can choose programming courses in Scratch 3, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Unity, or they can choose math and coding competition classes. Individual lessons are also possible. Grades: 2-12

Discovery Museum(Acton) is a hands-on museum that blends science, nature and play, inspiring families to explore and learn together. The expanded, fully renovated, accessible, and ADA-compliant museum includes STEAM experiences that encourage everyone to play, explore, and experiment. Age: 0-12 years

Edge on Science(Weston, Plymouth and other locations) offers project-based programs in applied sciences and engineering. A back-to-basics approach is followed, giving children the freedom to work in teams and solve problems while making new friends and having fun. Choose from week-long daily programs. Sessions are chaired by an engineer, scientist and/or scholar. The child to teacher ratio is 7:1 or less. Grades: 3-12

Einstein's workshop(Burlington) focuses on instilling a love of STEM in all children. They offer classes, camps, birthday parties, holiday workshops and more, all based around curriculums that provide students with opportunities to learn and grow together. All grade levels benefit from a wide range of high-tech technologies including 3D printers, LEGO robotic kits, a vinyl cutter, MBot robots and an industrial-size laser cutter. Grades: K-8

Empow-Studios(Lexington, Newton and many camp locations) brings together technology, art and play to help young learners discover and build on their creative talents. In project-based STEM programs, students learn to design, build, and code projects that they enjoy sharing with family and friends—while learning the fundamentals of engineering and computer science. With two studios in Lexington and Newton and 16 camp locations across MA, Empow Studios teaches kids how to design, build and code. Grades: 2-12

iCode(Wellesley) is a comprehensive STEAM school with an extensive curriculum covering all of STEAM's specializations. iCode offers after-school enrichment programs, February and April vacation camps, vacation camps, STEAM summer camps, and weekend and evening programs for children and adults open to the community. They teach life skills alongside a variety of technologies. With fun and engaging activities, iCode helps children build resilience, problem-solving and teamwork skills. Age 5-18

iD-Tech(multiple MA locations) is a global leader in STEM education with 400,000 alumni and more than 20 years of experience. Undergraduate summer programs are held at 150 prestigious campuses, including several Boston-area programs. Students build in-demand skills for the future in coding, game development, robotics, and design. Age: 7-18

kids in tech(Greater Lowell + Merrimack Valley) offers after-school tech club programs in partnership with schools and youth organizations. Their mission is to inspire, educate and empower children to use computers and technology. They strive to educate and inspire children to pursue interests in STEM fields so they are ready to pursue STEM career opportunities. Kids learn everything from typing to programming to robotics, and take field trips to local businesses and colleges to meet people who are in or working in a tech field. Age: 8-14

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KTBYTE Computer Science Academy(Lexington, Newton and online courses) is a programming academy that offers a quality program that covers the curriculum from beginner to college level. At KTBYTE, students are given the opportunity to build a solid foundation so they can discover and develop their passion from an early age. Programming is not just a language, it is also the future. Age: 8-18

MIT society of women engineers(On-Campus Programs, Boston and Cambridge) is one of the largest and most active student organizations at MIT with over 300 students and alumni. They strive to empower women to succeed and be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders in STEM fields. There are over 10 outreach programs happening at MIT, in schools in the greater Boston area and virtually over the internet.

NCWIT(national program) sponsors the Award for Aspirations in Computing (AiC), recognizing students who self-identify as women, genderqueer or non-binary in grades 9-12 for their passion for computers and technology. NCWIT connects these students to a community of like-minded individuals who care about next-generation success and take action. Regional winners and honorable mentions will be recognized at a local NCWIT ceremony with awards, trophies and some amazing speakers.

New England Sci-Tech(Natick) is a nonprofit STEM+ education center and maker space dedicated to project-based, hands-on learning for youth and families. They offer classes and workshops in electronics, space science, ham radio, astronomy, robotics, photography, coding, 3D design, kite building, battle bots, and more. New England Sci-Tech also offers public telescope nights, planetarium shows, outreach support for local schools and homeschoolers, and qualifying activities for Boy Scout badges of merit. Grade 4 and up, youth and adults

Penguin Coding School(Lexington) offers students a unique curriculum that teaches programming language. Penguin Coding School was started by a Lexington father who wanted to get kids excited about the joys of coding. It offers personalized teaching experiences with a unique curriculum that emphasizes creativity as a learner motivation. They prioritize collaboration and face-to-face interaction with teachers, as opposed to online tutorials. Grades: K-12

SummerTech(Regis College-Weston) promotes radical acceptance, geek culture, and a place to be yourself by focusing on the individual. Clear structure and academic freedom have made it a gold standard in computer science education. SummerTech has changed what it means to learn coding, animation, 3D modeling and more. Age: 10-17

Insanely cool for kids(locations across New England) runs STEAM-based after-school, back-school, and summer enrichment programs for elementary school children that allow them to explore science and technology in engaging ways. 2019/2020 After School programs offer a full range of hands-on fun including Science & Design Studio, Wild World Safari, Lego Robotics and Engineering, Gravity Rocks and Kitchen Chemists. Grades: K-5

Z-kai Lernlabor(Arlington) offers STEM courses specifically designed to help students acquire core 21st century skills and cross-curricular knowledge. They offer exciting experiences to increase intellectual curiosity with STEM curricula that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Grades: 3-12


Mathnasium(Acton + Burlington) offers year-round math programs as well as summer programs for students looking to get a head start and avoid the summer learning loss. They provide math classes in a fun and enriching environment. In addition to math enrichment, math help, math tutoring, homework help, and ACT/SAT test prep, Mathnasium offers competitive math prep workshops such as Math Kangaroo, AMC-8, Math League, Math Olympiad, and Noetic, and hosts a variety of math competitions . Age: 4-18

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Russian School of Mathematics(multiple locations in Massachusetts) offers after-school math programs. The Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) was opened in 1997 with the aim of creating a unique extracurricular mathematics program. Her mission was to build a systematic mathematics education based on the traditions of Russia and Europe, adapted to the needs of American students. Their approach to education is driven by the theory that an early systematic approach focused on developing thinking skills can have a powerful impact on student development. Grades: K-12


FIRST LEGO League Team Magicis a team of 8th grade students from Belmont who are excited to compete in the 2019 season of the FIRST LEGO League (FLL). To learn more about FIRST robotics and how to join a team, visitfirstinspires.org.

The Massachusetts National Guardis a pioneer in STEM curriculum development and program delivery. They offer over a dozen educational programs (free) to Commonwealth secondary schools and colleges. Four of these programs have a specific focus on advancing STEM education. These include an in-depth robotics seminar, a coding seminar, a water quality survey, and a cyber escape challenge (coming soon). All assets and programs can be presented on-site anywhere in Massachusetts.

take up robotics(Belmont) is FIRST Team 6731 and a nonprofit organization under 4H. The team spends six weeks designing and building a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Through competitions, build seasons, and outreach, team members gain real-world experience, gain a better understanding of teamwork, and broaden their knowledge across multiple STEM fields. Visitrecordrobotics.orgif you are interested in joining the team.To learn more about the FIRST robotics program, visitfirstinspires.org.

The parity bits(Lexington)is an all-female FIRST Tech Challenge team with students from Lexington High School. Each year, students build and program a robot to participate in a newly designed game. In addition to working on the robot, the students collect donations, find sponsors and take part in public relations to promote women in the STEM field.To learn more about the FIRST robotics program, visitfirstinspires.org.


The business of doing good(Boston, NY + Philadelphia) inspires children to discover what really matters to them – and empowers them with the skills to turn their ideas into reality through social entrepreneurship. The program takes children through the steps of entrepreneurship, from ideation to pitching, as they create a project of their own to make the world a better place. Program Facilitators provide a dynamic and engaging curriculum, teaching students how to create, present and launch their unique social entrepreneurship endeavor in week-long summer programs. Age: 10-14

TiE Young Entrepreneur(Cambridge) is an after-school program dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders through the transformative experience of building a startup. The program not only provides the skills to build and run a business, but also coaches young people to identify and use successful ways to achieve personal and professional goals. Student teams compete for up to $5,000 in seed funding while participating in a rigorous curriculum proven over the past 10+ years. Age: 13-18

Global leadership

United Nations Association for the Greater Boston Area(UNAGB) (Boston, Cambridge and Belmont) has been dedicated to building a network of world-conscious citizens in the Boston area for over 60 years. UNAGB's Summer Institute in Global Leadership offers week-long programs for fifth through twelfth graders to engage with global issues, build public speaking and negotiation skills, apply their STEM knowledge to solve problems, Model UN to practice and of course, make new friends. Grades: 5-12


Summer Term High School-Programme der Boston University(Boston) offers one-, two-, three-, and six-week programs for high school students, with options to live on campus, commute from home, or learn online. Students can earn college credit, explore new areas of expertise, conduct cutting-edge research in university labs, or immerse themselves in hands-on learning. Participants advance academically while experiencing college life, befriending fellow students, and engaging in social activities in Boston. Grades: 9-12

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College way(Newton and Statewide Offices) is a college advisory organization that offers a one-on-one approach to helping STEM students find the right colleges. Since 1999, their expert advisors have guided more than 23,000 students to successful admissions outcomes. Collegewise believes that applying to college should be an exciting time for both students and parents. Each year, the advisors work with a small sample of students, creating tailored plans and setting deadlines to ensure students complete their applications and essays accurately, effectively, and on time. Grades: 8-12

internship connection(Boston, NY and Austin) is a structured educational program that provides students with professional experiences through summer or gap-year internships that are tailored to their academic interests or talents. Students gain a competitive edge when applying to colleges and jobs by validating a deep interest and experience in an academic/professional field. Internship Connection has developed relationships with mentors in the Boston tech community who are constantly seeking their interns for STEM-related internships. Program components include careers counseling, resume preparation, interview preparation, internship setup, mentoring, and a job recommendation letter for inclusion in college and job applications. Grades: 10 through college

MassBay Community College(Wellesley) is a comprehensive, open-entry community college offering associate degrees and certificate programs. In the summer of 2020, the STEM department is offering a one-week STEM taster program open to underserved high school students (priority is given to juniors, seniors, and high school graduates). The five-day taster workshops are designed to give students an insight into various STEM fields (e.g. robotics, engineering design, biotechnology). The workshops will be held July 13-17 daily from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the MassBay Wellesley Hills campus. Grades: High School Girls (Upcoming Juniors, Upcoming Seniors, and Graduates)

Northeast University(Boston) offers summer programs for talented high school students who want to gain an edge by learning from the Northeast's internationally recognized faculty. Northeastern University's Accelerate: Pre-College programs have historically offered the following STEM programs: BioE Summer Immersion, Engineering Innovation & Design, Hacking the Internet of Things, and Sustainable Chemistry & Renewable Energy. Stay tuned as additional STEM programs are added for Summer 2020. Hosted on the Northeastern University campus in Boston, Accelerate programs allow students to experience true college learning in a world-class environment. Students collaborate with Northeast faculty, use labs on innovative projects, visit companies in the area, and attend lectures by experienced professionals in the field. Grades: High School Rising Juniors and Seniors

Strategic study success(SAS) (Waltham) specializes in boutique-level educational tutoring, college counseling and tailored academic instruction aimed at helping students in the metro-Boston area achieve their academic goals. You have worked extensively with students interested in careers in STEM and healthcare fields. SAS regularly offers science exploration, research science, and STEM exam prep courses and seminars focused on exploring STEM interests for middle and high school students. In addition, SAS regularly mentor STEM students so they can have meaningful science experiences in high school and effectively showcase those experiences and communicate their STEM passions in college applications. Grades: 4 through Grad School

UMass Summer Programs(Amherst) invites motivated high school students interested in hands-on learning experiences to apply to Summer Pre-College. With a wide range of program offerings in 1-week, 2-week, or 6-week sessions, students can earn college credit and gain valuable experience for future college applications. Courses include Sports Management, Engineering, Design Academy, Astronomy, Forensic Chemistry and more.

Find more STEM programs

Want to learn more about finding STEM programs for your kids?watch this videovia BostonTechMom, produced by Roger Colton in the Belmont Journal.

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What are the 6 skills that STEM focuses on developing? ›

What are the six skills that STEM focuses on developing?
  • Problem-solving.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Creativity.
  • Curiosity.
  • Logical-mathematical skills.
  • Engineering-design skills.

Is STEM good for ADHD students? ›

Students with ADHD benefit from STEM education because: technology incorporates bright colors and a variety of sounds. technology gives students with ADHD more rapid feedback. students can modify the technology and pace to control the rate at which they are stimulated.

What are the 3 elements of STEM education? ›

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) comes to life for children through problem solving. These subject areas are interwoven in everyday life, and they serve as vehicles for the direct application of creativity and innovation skills.

What are the eight STEM practices? ›

Explore the 8 elements of STEM schools
  • Problem-Based Learning.
  • Rigorous Learning.
  • School Community and Belonging.
  • Career, Technology, and Life Skills.
  • Personalization of Learning.
  • External Community.

What are the 4 C's in STEM? ›

They became known as the “Four Cs” — critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. STEM is a natural extension of these skills, as it embraces each as an essential part of the learning process.

What are the disadvantages of STEM education? ›

  • The initiative does not provide clear-cut guidelines for educators to follow.
  • Few elementary teachers are qualified to teach in the areas of math or science.
  • No national standards.
  • No teacher certification.
  • Can be costly.
  • Comes at the expense of other subject matter.
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