Any kind of death in The Sims 4 (2023)

You can bet there's no shortage of ways to die in The Sims 4. Some of these are pretty standard deaths, like old age. Others are... kinda weird. And the more packs you own, the weirder the deaths in Sims 4 seem to get.

Some gamers want to know how to die in The Sims 4 so they know exactly how to avoid them and give their Sims a perfect happy life. Others want to know about all types of deaths so they can make sure their Sims aren't lacking in creative ways to meet their untimely demise. Whatever type of simmer you are, we can help!

All the ways you can die in The Sims 4

Below we've listed every Sims 4 death type in all packs released to date, along with some honorable mentions that aren't technically a unique death type.

Deaths in Sims 4:base game


This Sims 4 death is straightforward. Fail to feed your Sims long enough and they will starve when their hunger bar is completely depleted. Babies, toddlers, children, cats, dogs and farm animals cannot starve. Children and pets will be taken over by social services before they reach that point, and livestock will run away and leave the family. However, rodents can starve to death.


Sims can light fires in a variety of ways in both the base game and DLC packs. Cooking, starting fires near flammable objects, setting off fireworks, lighting angry ghosts, and even making your house too dusty can potentially start a fire and result in a Sims 4 death. If your Sim catches fire, put it out quickly or it will burn! Pets and infants cannot die from fire, but children can.


In previous games, drowning a Sim was as easy as removing the pool ladder, but Sims are now smarter and can climb out of the pool on their own. To drown a sim you need to build walls or fences around the perimeter to stop sims from doing so and wait for their energy motives to be fully depleted. You have to be pretty cold hearted to pull off this Sims 4 death type.

electric shock

This Sims 4 death is oddly hard to come by in the base game, but if you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to experience it, your Sim will most likely get zapped to death while fixing broken electronics. They must be zapped twice; once to get the Seriously Fried moodlet and again while the Seriously Fried moodlet is still active. The second push will kill her.


If a Sim gets angry enough, it can result in a Sims 4 death. When a Sim surpasses the Very Angry emotional state and becomes angry, they have only a short time to calm down before their heart literally explodes with anger and kills them!


Ever heard the phrase, "The joke was so funny, I died!" Well, it's not just a phrase in The Sims 4. It's a Sims 4 death type. Sims can literally laugh themselves to death. If they get past the "Very Playful" emotional state and get hysterical, you'd better calm them down quickly before they die laughing.


How about the phrase "I died of shame!" The Sims 4 takes that literally too. If a Sim goes beyond the "Very Embarrassed" emotional state and becomes embarrassed, they will soon die of embarrassment unless you intervene to calm them down. This Sims 4 death is truly a horror.

High age

This Sims 4 death is self-explanatory. As Sims age, they eventually grow old and die. It's the cycle of life. To get this death type you have to have an older sim and just wait it out. Grim will come for her when her time is up.


This Sims 4 death type is unique to Elders. Older Sims are frail and don't have the stamina they used to. Things like movement and WooHoo can really wipe them out. It might even kill her! Elder Sims can't train while dangerously exhausted, so WooHoo is the easiest way to kill an Elder this way. Have them WooHoo enough times in a row and your eldest will die from overexertion. Keep in mind that Sims with the Active trait are a bit more resilient and don't die as easily from this death type.


A staple of the Sims 4 Death streak, Sims can be eaten by their carnivorous cowplant. Get a cow plant berry, plant it and take good care of it until it grows into a full grown cow plant. Then wait for it to get hungry. It will stick out its cake tongue. Have a Sim eat cake to be swallowed by the cowplant! It will spit them out the first time, but if they're swallowed again while their uncomfortable mood is still active, they'll be digested forever.


Any kind of death in The Sims 4 (11)This Sims 4 death was recently added to the game in a free base game update. Along with new smaller telescopes came a new type of death: death by meteor. If your Sims are stargazing at night and you get a warning to go inside, you should listen and bring your Sim inside immediately. If you don't, you will be hit by a meteor and killed!

Deaths in Sims 4:expansion packs

Sims 4 living deaths in the city

puffer fish poisoning

Sims can learn the Puffer Fish Nigiri recipe by eating it at the Japanese Food Stand in San Myshuno. Sims with a bad mood or low cooking skill have a high chance of making poor quality Puffer Nigiri. Eating poor quality puffer fish nigiri can lead to Sims 4 death!

Deaths in Sims 4 Seasons


With the weather comes new deaths in Sims 4! Being out in the hot sun without proper hot weather clothing or swimwear can cause your Sims to overheat and die.


Likewise, staying in the freezing cold without warm winter clothing will cause your Sim to freeze to death.


Thunderstorms can also be a Sims 4 death! If you are outside during a thunderstorm, you can get struck by lightning! Super cool the first time, but you risk dying if you get hit again while still dazed from the first hit. Or you could become Supercharged and temporarily gain the ability to control lightning. Maybe it's worth the risk?

flower of death

Sims who are skilled in floral arrangements can scent their arrangements with a variety of flowers. If a Sim smells a flower arrangement with a Death Flower and gives it to an older Sim, the older Sim will die from the Death Flower! Giving younger Sims a Death Flower-scented arrangement will only make them older. Interestingly, gifting this item to a vampire turns it into a human. So this Sims 4 death is just something for the elders to worry about.

Sims 4 Discover college deaths

Catastrophic meltdown

This Sims 4 death type is unique to servos. If a servo goes too long without maintenance, it can fail and suffer a catastrophic meltdown. The bad servo will degenerate into spare parts and leave behind a futuristic looking tombstone.

Sims 4 eco-lifestyle deaths


Flying Death makes a comeback in The Sims 2! Spilling your trash can attract flies onto the smelly pile of trash, but the flies are far from harmless. You are a Sims 4 death waiting to happen. Sims risk being eaten alive by the buzzing pests if they try to get close to them!

Sims 4 Snowy Escape Deaths

vending machine

You can get all sorts of nice things from vending machines in Mt. Komorebi, but be careful; Items often get stuck in vending machines and your Sims can get crushed by the vending machine while trying to solve the items. If a vending machine falls on your Sim while they are still in the Close Call moodle from being crushed previously, it will result in a Sims 4 death.

Climbing in the fall

Rock climbing is an exciting sport, but it's also a potential Sims 4 death. Especially near the top of Mt. Komorebi. Inexperienced climbers have a high chance of falling to their death on a mountain excursion from The Croft Icefall.

Sims 4 Cottage Living Deaths

Killer rabbit

Who said bunnies are always cuddly and cute? Haven't you seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Well, this Sims 4 death is a scene straight out of this movie. These fluffy little critters may seem cute at first, but then turn to their evil side and they might just decide to turn nasty on you! This is probably one of the funniest ways to die in The Sims 4 if you ask us.

killer chicken

Of course you should be nice to your hens if you want quality eggs, but there is another benefit of being friends with your hens; not be murdered by them. No seriously. If you socialize enough with your chicken, they will choose to attack you with a Velociraptor and peck you to death in The Sims 4!

Todesfälle in Sims 4 High School Years

The Modern Case

Any kind of death in The Sims 4 (23)

The High School Years expansion brings with it two new Sims 4 Fatalities; One of those deaths is Death by Urban Myth. At level 8 of the Mischief skill, Sims unlock the Summon Urban Myth Mischief interaction for other Sims. The first time both Sims will just get scared and laugh about it, but do it again while your Sim is still scared and this urban myth will come alive and kill your Sim! What a way to die in The Sims 4!

Stink haircut

Any kind of death in The Sims 4 (24)

This Sims 4 death can happen to any teenager who finds it funny to prank the school lockers. At level 3 of the Mischief skill, teens can click on lockers to place a Stinkcap inside. Every time you do this, there's a chance the prank will backfire and make your Sim stink instead. If you try to prank a locker again while your teen is still in the Smelly Mood, the second misfire will be fatal!

Deaths in Sims 4:game packs

Wellness Tag


Saunas can be so relaxing, but don't overdo it! Staying in the sauna for too long can be deadly! Your Sim will die from too much steam if you leave them there for too long. Talk about a Sims 4 death that's too hot to handle!



This Sims 4 death is unique to vampires. Leave a vampire in the sun until its vampiric energy is completely drained and you have an extra crunchy vampire tombstone on your hands. Vampires with the Full Sun Resistance ability are immune to this type of death.

Jungle Adventure


If you are planning a trip to the wild jungles of Selvadorada, beware of the danger. Temple traps and creepy crawlies in the jungle will poison your Sims. Sometimes they can fend it off without help. Sometimes they can't. If your Sim can't overcome the poison on their own then they need an antidote or they will eventually succumb to this Sims 4 death after a few days.


Consumed by the mother

This Sims 4 death requires your Sims to play through the StrangerVille Mystery storyline. If you advance far enough in the story, you will face a terrifying plant monster known only as The Mother. She's serious. If your Sim jumps into battle with her unprepared, she will devour your Sim and that will be the end of your Sim. This is definitely a unique way to die in The Sims 4.

realm of magic

Spellcaster Overload

This Sims 4 death is unique to spellcasters. A spellcaster must watch his magic charge; Casting too much magic too quickly can cause them to overload. If a witcher continues to use magic while overcharged, they can literally explode. Boom! No more magician.

Deaths in Sims 4:Stuff-Packs

My first pet

Rabid rodent fever

Another old favorite from the past returns in The Sims 4. If a rodent with a dirty cage bites your Sim, they can contract rabies rodent fever. This Sims 4 death starts out as a highly contagious disease that will spread to everyone in the household unless you act quickly to quarantine the infected Sim. Neglecting treatment with Rabid Rodent Fever Medicine will lead to death after a few days.

Tiny living

Crushed by Murphy Bed

And yet another favorite Sims 4 Deathtype returns. Murphy beds are great space savers, but uh... make sure you upgrade them ASAP. They have a bad habit of falling on your Sims and killing them. Like a lot.

Sims 4 Deaths: Honorable Mentions

The following deaths in The Sims 4 are not unique deaths; They fall under one of the other death type categories, but Sims can die from these activities as well.

  • Rocket Ship Crash:Sims flying a rocketship with low rocketry skill have a high chance of crash landing back to earth, which can kill them. They can also crash if the rocket has been shoved fruit down the exhaust pipe by a Sim with the Mischief skill. Death in a missile crash counts as death by fire.
  • Koi Pond (Become Famous):Sims can sometimes fall into the koi pond and be eaten by the sharks or piranhas that stock it. This is considered death by drowning.
  • Killed by Mermaid (Island Life):Mermaids can lure Sims into deep water with their Siren's Call ability. When the sim reaches her, the mermaid will pull the sim underwater and refuel all her motives. If the Sim can't swim to shore fast enough, they can drown on it. This is considered death by drowning.
  • Eaten by Sharks (Island Life):Sims can be killed by a shark while swimming in the sea in Sulani. Mermaids can also summon an ocean threat to trick sharks into attacking unsuspecting Sims. This is considered death by drowning.

But wait! there is more!

  • Money Vault (Get Famous):Sims trapped in the money vault may starve if not released in time. This is considered death by starvation.
  • Robotikstation (Discover University):Sims risk electrocution while working on the robot station. If they are zapped while still dazed, they will die. This counts as electrocution.
  • Beetle (Eco Lifestyle):Sims who drink bug juice 3 times in a row will instantly become a ghost with no death notification or urn spawn. This doesn't appear to be a specific death type and is more of an Easter egg; It's a reference to the movie Beetlejuice.
  • Rock wall (fitness material):Sims can die with the fire setting on the mechanical climbing wall, but this counts as a death by fire.
  • Dryer burn (laundry day stuff):If Sims forget to clean the lint trap in the dryer between loads, it can catch fire and kill your Sim, but this counts as a death by fire.
  • Research (Discover University):Sims can sometimes die from contributing too much knowledge to the research engines, but that's technically death from strain.

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