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If you are looking for onecotthat minimizes floor space, maximizes storage space, creates a comfy sleeping zone, and looks pretty cool, then a raised bed could be the answer. Extending vertically, this bed style offers a complete bedroom solution; Storage, study, sleepover facility or even a stage show backdrop!

Let me introduce you to two options for raised beds; Themiddle sleeperand theheavy sleepers. Both are popular choices and are fantastic beds to offer functionality and space-saving solutions. The question is, what type of raised bed is best for your child?

Read on to discover the main differences between a middle bed and a loft bed, their features and benefits, and other useful tips. Raised beds are some of the most fun and functional beds to exist in the magical world of cribs and with so many designs available, hopefully the information below will help you choose the perfect bed for your child.

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What is a loft bed?

  • A loft bed is a loft bed that is accessed by a ladder or stairs.
  • Mid-sleeping beds have space under the bed that can be used for storage or dens.
  • Some loft beds come with a number of built-in storage solutions under the bed, such as a storage rack. B. drawers, shelves or a desk (traditionally these are referred to as bunk beds).
  • The average frame height of a middle bed is between 115 cm and 130 cm, the exact height varies depending on the design.

What is a loft bed?

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  • A loft bed, also known as a loft bed, is a loft bed and, like a loft bed, is also designed for access via a ladder or stairs.
  • Bunk beds often have storage solutions such as a wardrobe, drawers or a sofa bed.
  • The average frame height of a loft bed is between 175 cm - 190 cm, the exact height varies depending on the design.

As you can see there are similarities between a medium and tall and a sleeper, but the main difference is their height. Although loft beds are classified as loft beds, middle sleepers are lower than a loft bed.

What are the main features of a loft bed?

Loft beds offer a whole host of features, most notably the empty space under the bed that creates plenty of scope for a variety of uses, making it a super space-efficient crib.

From themed center beds with tents inspired by castles, pirate ships or pretty forests that will bring your kids' imaginations to life, to a mini adventure playground where ladders are replaced with slides for a super fun (and fast) exit allow out of bed in the morning! Bunk beds are so much more than just a place to sleep.

Features and benefits of a middle sleeper;

  • Some center beds come complete with storage neatly built in under the sleeping area (this design is often referred to as a cabin bed), as seen inCharlie Mid Sleeper Crib. There are no additional parts to purchase and no need to worry about items not fitting properly, it is designed to fit together perfectly.
  • Center beds are also available without built-in under bed storage, as can be seen in theMarlowe loft bed. This type of design allows your child to create their own facility, be it a den, parking lot or teddy bear infirmary... the possibilities are endless! With the bookshelf at the end of the bed, combine it with beanbags and you have a cozy reading corner!
  • Half beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms as their lower height is not too obtrusive and the area underneath allows for storage items, reducing the footprint of the room.
  • Aside from providing the necessary storage space, some center bed designs feature a pull-out desk that slides under the bed when not in use, as shown atLouis bunk bed.
  • Why climb when you can slide?! Some mid-sleeper designs include a slide that creates a fun and playful bed for your childPino Kids loft bed with slide and curtainbrings the playground into the bedroom with its cool design.

What are the main features of a loft bed?

If you're looking for a crib that raises the bar even higher, then a loft bed could be your best option.

Thanks to their tall stature, the area under the bed becomes a highly usable and versatile space. Perfect for creating a tidy bedroom, loft beds, also known as loft bedsbunk beds, are often combined with elements such as sofas, desks and, thanks to their extra height, with wardrobes.

Features and Benefits of a High Sleeper;

  • Some loft beds come complete with storage built into the underside of the bed, as shown atParisot Higher children's bunk bed. Not only is this an inexpensive way to set up your child's room, it's also a space saver!
  • Loft beds are also available without built in under bed storage as shown atPino double loft bed. This type of design allows your child to create their own decor, either with freestanding furniture or a chill-out area with a beanbag and fairy lights.
  • Loft beds are suitable for smaller bedrooms, but can appear a bit imposing due to their height. Larger bedrooms can better accommodate the extra height without feeling like the bed is dominating the bedroom.
  • Several loft bed designs only include an additional element such as a desk, as can be seen inUrban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper 4-Bett.
  • For true statement beds, some loft beds offer unique designs such asBenlemi Toppy loft bed.

Half beds and loft beds share many characteristics, most notably that they are both super space-saving beds.

Loft beds offer plenty of variety in style and design and with the addition of play curtains they would make an ideal bed for a younger childThemed room for children.

Due to their taller design, high sleepers may be more appropriate for older children, but they are just as attractive to young children and will accompany them for many years to come.

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What is the appropriate age for a Mid Sleeper & High Sleeper bed?

The manufacturer's recommended age for middle and high beds is 6 years. This is due to safety regulations and the design that both are accessed by either a ladder or steps. It is always worth looking for specific safety instructions on the individual product detail pages.

Some children may be ready for a loft bed sooner! If that's the case, choose a center bed with guard rails and extra features for extra safety. For example the design of theMaxxi loft bed with slidefeatures a low frame with high side walls for safety, plus a playful slide and climbing ramp - a great bed for younger children.

Loft beds and bunk beds may be more appealing to older children and teens; Give them space under the bed to study and snooze! With options to add a sofabed when your buddies come to visit, or a large wardrobe for your trendy clothes!

Are middle and high beds safe?

Of course, your child's safety is paramount above all, and when constructed properly, both mid-level and loft beds are structurally safe.

Manufacturers provide clear guidelines for proper use and to ensure your child is safe from accident or harm.

Because of their extra height, high sleepers pose a greater risk of accidents if not used properly, so it's important to go over the guidelines with your child (keep jumping for the trampoline!).

Take a moment to read a few safety tips for middle and loft beds;

  • Raised beds are recommended for children ages 6+ (see individual product pages for specific guidelines).
  • To avoid accidents, children should not jump on the bed.
  • Make sure that the ladder is secure and cannot slip when climbing.
  • Do not place loft beds directly under light fixtures.
  • Make sure the safety rails are securely fastened.
  • Check regularly that all fixings and fittings are secure and free from damage.
  • If your child keeps getting up at night, put a night light in their room to use the ladder at night.
  • Only use the recommended mattress size for the specific bed, some medium and high beds have a maximum mattress depth for safety reasons. This is detailed on the product detail page.
  • For loft beds, ensure there is enough headroom for your child to sit up in bed and safely climb and descend the ladder.

Both middle beds and bunk beds are excellent choices for any child's room. Taking sleeping to another level, these loft beds are designed to expand upwards rather than outwards! Save floor space and create a fun place for your child to sleep, study and play.

Whichever bed you choose, middle or high, you can rest assured that you and your child will not be disappointed when you buy a bed from Cuckooland, after all it had to pass my rigorous WOW test...

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